• Olicity fans are you ready for what's coming? •
There is no justice without sacrifice. The final 5 episodes ...
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gif Chris Evans What's your number? you are welcome you all should love me for this photoset
* my edits mine gifs* arrow i'm fine arrowedit felicity smoak olicity *arrow olicityedit *olicity otp: and the second thing? i love you otp: he was more than a friend THESE TWO SCENES ARE TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT parallels the scene from 2x22 with everything tbh
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supernatural typo my graphics season 8 are you ready? season gr8 FOR PURGATORY?
So are you guys ready for adventure time feels to the extreme?
Hambo in Memory of a Memory: Hambo in I Remember You: Marcy got so hungry that she had to eat/drink Hambo’s red. 
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Person: are you ready for Gravity Falls tonight?! Me: *cries...
gif photo set five nights at freddy's fnaf FN@F five nights at freddy's 2 fnaf 2 fn@f2 Are You Ready for Freddy? you're not ready for freddy
* gifs* arrow oliver queen john diggle arrowedit olicity ALWAYS CRYING you are so dumb i am so glad you are gonna have fun for 10 min next season i love you so much i cant even lmao lol haahah rsrsrsr kkk i hope all you friends reblog this shit bc i never know when to post anything here specially on sunday its like i dont have any followers at all
1k mine 2k arrow look at that smile look at my babies arrowedit olicity oliver x felicity im so emo not hockey olicitysquee smoakingbillionaires THE COLORING FUKED UP IM SORRY HA HA MY CHILDREN GOT TOGETHER smoakinamell queenollies GET READY FOR HAPPY GIFSTS!! olicittys
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In trusting Allah, remember that what’s best for you might be what’s most painful.
walk up in the club like “Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister”
smg i guess lmao 'im not a fan but...' BITCH YOU THOUGHT! these are always so funny but yay for new fans ?!
This post is tentatively titled "A primer for how weird Korean fans are so you know whether you're c...
…because back in the day I used to see people justifying a lot of shitty behavior by saying “well, they get weirder from Korean fans,” as though that makes it okay to be a total creep about fan activities. Of course, this is just my own observations—but I’ve been living...