• Olicity fans are you ready for what's coming? •
  • Fan #1:That's a nice character. I wonder what they would be like if they lost everything that ever made them happy and also the world ended.
  • Fan #2:That's a nice character. I wonder what they're like with five different toys up their ass.
bts: run ballad remix, house of cards full length ver., love is not over full length ver.armys:
reblog if u are gay and always half-asleep
p Reina : ( ignore the typo
arrow green arrow oliver queen arrowedit felicity smoak olicity felicity x oliver Overwatch olicityedit olicitygifs
my gifs taylor swift china throwback shanghai tswiftedits candy swift group picture ¥ i really miss it red tour shanghai chinese swifties
srsly sanic enchiladas emerowds issues that matter btw this is about as close as we'll probably ever get to touching politics because that is one hot topic we're going to steer very much clear of now then! Back to your regularly scheduled hashtags... today we've lined up three pretty sweet facts about hedgehogs that we bet you didn't know are you ready? No cheating OK - here we go! Fact 1: Hedgehogs are immune to most snake venom for real tho - that's pretty lucky. Reports say they can beat up a viper and then eat it without even having to care Fact 2: Hedgehogs have between 5000 and 7000 quills which is admittedly a whole lot of quills to find yourself confronted with during a spin-dash and finally fact 3: a group of hedgehogs is called an 'array' not a 'flock' or a 'gaggle' or a 'pod' or a 'blue blur' (though we are working on that last one) but an array Now you're smart! Go out into the world today and impress someone with your new smart-ness! oh - it's called intelligence? Yeah w/e. Smart-ness just sounds better.
My art Natsu Dragneel Dragneel zeref dragneel dragneel brothers Just a little drawing because I haven't post a lot of stuff these past few weeks... My babies!! <3
*mine flawlessbeautyqueens daisy ridley swcastedit dridleyedit daisyridleyedit
1k exo exo m Kim minseok Minseok gifs:exo xiumin ELX a few fans fainted in the pit because it was too crowded guys please stay safe and keep yourself hydrated help each other and look out for one another okay on a side note: minseok is so friggin cute minseok-ah thank you for that demo ^^ i hope fans would listen to them it's really dangerous ok please listen to the boys and the staff
Person: are you ready for Gravity Falls tonight?! Me: *cries...
c: are you ready? aaaah sorry for all the dog comics i am currently feeling very much dog love because I am SO HYPE about becoming a dog walker c: but maybe I should wait with the hype a little because I have not actually gotten the job yet but it is volunteering and not job-job this is not like the backery incident this will be nice and I will break nothing and I will draw ALL THE HARRY POTTER
myedit arrow oliver queen arrowedit felicity smoak olicity olicityedit olicitysquee smoaks i needed to get my giffing muse back so olicity is helping me through it
art comic doodle dragon age merrill fuoco draws DA2 Marian Hawke da stuff DA Headcanon merrihawke this is a mess but still i m ust fmerrihawke and this is not me being fenris nor isabella critical they are gems and not anders critical but his outfit makes him look ready for my f ucking funeral
funny mine spongebob squarepants pool swimming
performance beyonce Beyonce gif super bowl beyrihsus
This morning Ben & Jerry’s announced its four vegan flavors. Sadly, licking the screen doesn’t taste like ice cream. Trust us, we tried.
you’ve heard of joots, jants, and jorts, now get ready for...
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