• One Direction instagram lt hs Fizzy fizzy is my second favorite sister out of all of them •
Kellin Quinn sleeping with sirens 1000 Bryan Stars deefizzy damon fizzy bryanstars mine:sws
before one direction learned how to do photoshoots they just kind of lets start with twister aka the one where harry turned into a demon (ok wtf that 1 guy idk) then there was the ropes one which i mean whos idea was that is this supposed to be cute bc im a mixture of turned on and laughing ...
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deefizzy damon fizzy dfizzy Day Men
One Direction 1D story of my life myedit lt lp hs nh zm soml it looked better in my head ill probably delete this i couldnt colour louis one
1k One Direction Niall Horan * myedit this is officially my favorite picture of him
Mean Girls all I've ever wanted 25 days of one direction these are actually old edits but it counts because now i'm combining them into one photoset it's like they are brand new! this is one of my finest captions
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One Direction my gifs lourry
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louis is really fond of harry sometimes (all the time)
oh oh no it’s always been there, really this is after their hands touch and he’s smiling so much he has to put his fucking face into a wall, come on louis is looking at harry as if he’s not real………i. (this is the “i’m dressed as a cheerleader. wai...
This is totally Australia's sense of humour
supernatural my stuff castiel spn emptying out my ~drafts and queue also- BEDTIME STORIES IS ON \o/ one of my favorite episodes :3
Harry Styles One Direction * too cute demon child :))))))))))) lmao i just noticed that in all of these one of the swallows is peeking out
ace attorney phoenix wright MILES EDGEWORTH maya fey this was my favorite one out of all the 4komas
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