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homestuck submission sin why is everything always so wonderful?
no one asked but here’s a bunch of good games that are less than $10 on sale right now
$0.99 Psychonauts$0.99 The Maw$1.49 Harvester$1.49 I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream$1.49 Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition$1.49 Brothers: A Tale of Two Suns$1.99 Hylics$1.99 The Bard’s Tale$2.49 Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut$2.49 Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword$2.99 Battleblock Theater$2.99 ...
twenty one pilots is my favorite band because they taught me that it’s okay to not be okay, and that a whole room full of people screaming “we’re broken people” is infinitely more comforting than hearing “it’ll get better”
  • Fan #1:That's a nice character. I wonder what they would be like if they lost everything that ever made them happy and also the world ended.
  • Fan #2:That's a nice character. I wonder what they're like with five different toys up their ass.
m chibita osomatsu san i rlly liked tht one pic lmao
how to create drake’s one dance
s/o to every closeted person hearing about the pulse shooting who has to act normal and unconcerned so as not to act ‘suspiciously upset’ I see you & I understand
People act like its so hard to be loyal to one person and its really not
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I saw a young gay couple walking through like the busiest street in town holding hands and they looked so worried and they were walking rly close together to hide their hands
Better quality version. On the front page of a French newspaper tomorrow. 
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* orlando bloom met ball i love this too much i heard katy perry is wearing one too
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Don’t be afraid to dream
This beloved Cartoon seriesstarted as this webcomicThis best seller Mangaand critically acclaimed hit animated seriesstarted out as this webcomicAnd this best seller novelAnd award winning blockbuster moviestarted out as a serialized free story on somebody’s website.Don’t be afraid to write big even...
opm one punch man Saitama
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