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  • God:you know how we made females bleed out their vaginas that make them strong
  • Jesus:yeah
  • God:well it didn't work
  • Jesus:what do you mean
  • Jesus:they cry and break out and gain 5 pounds once a month
  • Jesus:isn't that enough
  • God:no
  • Jesus:....
  • ...
  • Harry:Louis, look at this thong!
  • Louis:Buy it, you can show me tonight.
  • Paul:NO. Harry, put it down.
  • Niall:Paul, I want a pretzel!
  • Liam:Calm down Niall, we'll get one soon.
  • Niall:NO LIAM, NOW!
  • Harry:Louis look! Underwear with cats on it!
  • Paul:Harry, Louis, get out of Victoria's Secret!
  • ...
  • Liam:Harry, it's okay. They're just giving you a trim!
  • Louis:Back off bitches, I'm the only one aloud to touch the hair.
  • Niall:I'm hungry. Where's the food?
  • Zayn:I don't need a haircut. I'm perfect.
  • Paul:For god's sake, Harry. Just let the woman trim your hair. It's fine. She won't hurt it- NIALL! You can't eat hair gel!
  • Liam:Harry, it's okay...
  • Louis:...That wasn't hair gel.
  • ...
  • Niall:Liam, I want ice cream!
  • Louis:Lookin' good Harry!
  • Paul:Harry! Put your trunks back on! You can't tan your bum in the middle of the beach!
  • Liam:All these women are barely clothed! They need to respect themselves more!
  • Zayn:I look better than you. And you. And you.
  • Niall:Will anyone come swim with me?
  • Paul:Louis! Put your trunks back on! You too Harry!
  • Liam:These women have FATHERS! If I gave them my clothes, do you think they would cover up?!
  • ...
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If there's one thing this fandom can agree on, it's Tom Daley.
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Me when Gibby talks:
  • Your Daughter:Mummy, how did you meet daddy?
  • You:Well I was going into a hotel and saw your dad as soon as he came out of the elevator. We bumped into each other, and in that moment when I first I laid my eyes on him, I fell in love with him.
  • Niall:If thats what you want to call stalking and trying to run past security, into the elevator and jumping on top of me while screaming in my ear then fine, thats what happened
WHY DOES ZAYN MALIK RUN LIKE THIS ………………………………………………….. I GUESS WE’LL NEVER KNOW. but it’s ok cause he’s a sexy nugget. so we love him anyway. you win this time...
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shit harry was shaking and stopped. omg...
you did amazing baby please dont be upset about it. YOU STILL SOUNDED AND LOOKED LIKE A SEX GOD OKAY.
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