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sometimes MMP feels like an abridged parody series
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I’m a bard! I’m the D&D equivalent of a liberal arts student! I have no life experience!
"Can I give him a lap dance?" "How the hell would you give a centaur a lap dance?! -Our orc rogue arguing with the DM
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breaking bad this is the epitome of 'out of context breaking bad caps'
Adventure Time ice king multiple gifs zoinksgif out of context but who care
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Player: I roll to see what the door is made out of. (*rolls a nat 1*) DM: You are convinced it’s made out of chocolate.
Dwarves are into S&M; stone and masonry
jojo's bizarre adventure Out of context Josuke Higashikata
if you think out of context homestuck panels are confusing try out of context  problem sleuth panels.
i talk DMMd at least to me it's funny out of context
(Our party is walking down a dark alley when the rogue hears a noise.) Rogue: I draw my rapier.Fighter: I put up my shield.Cleric: I prepare a spell.Monk: I set myself on fire. Bitch, get at me. (He had a feat.)
"Please tell me someone has Diplomacy.""Nope. Just Intimidate.""I guess we’re gonna have Batman-style interrogation for everything."