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May 5th, 2016 My cousin just called and told us that Israel is bombing Gaza City and the strip heavily right now. 
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An Israeli soldier was recorded assaulting a wheelchair-boun...
Palestine palestinian
So my 15 year old brother was driving around our town in Palestine at night with some friends. They were going out to get some falafel sandwiches and coffee. Not far from our house, two IDF jeeps pulled in front of their car, and one behind them, blocking them.Nearly a dozen IDF scum armed with M16s...
Palestine lebanon refugee shatila
Gigi Hadid’s Father Shares Refugee Story
(He edited his caption so I included both of them) Mohamed Hadid described how his family took in refugees from Poland, who in turn, later forced them out of their home and made them refugees. The Hadid family later took refuge in Syria. “Thank you Syria for taking us in.” He wrote.And even after ha...
‏لا تدع أي شخص يجعلك تشعر بأنك لا تستحق ما تريد. Don’t let any person make you feel that you don’t deserve what you want.
Drake OVOXO toronto ovo LMAOO Palestine ontario free palestine dj khaled palestinian im just making stuff up of how the convo went
muslim terrorism politics America war islam Afghanistan iraq Israel Palestine middle east Syria Foreign Policy Islamaphobia gaza strip
The group of girls, ponytailed and dressed in pink, stretched their arms out to the sides and pivoted onto their toes, trying desperately to hold still. Eagle-eyed, the instructor ...
@staff why does the tumblr logo now appear in colours of the french flag? multiple disasters happened around the world yesterday. multiple disasters happen around the world everyday. So I’m just wondering, do you actually value those lives or have you just pulled a Hilary Clinton with gay marriage a...
japan paris mexico friday the 13th Palestine martin luther king lebanon pray for paris rupi kaur behruit pray for humanity
Welcome to life under occupation in Hebron, Palestine For...
Israel Palestine apartheid Occupation
Meet a Palestinian woman and mother of three, who’s riskin...
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