• Pansexual •
Fact: Pansexuals travel and hunt in packs with asexuals. Each pack is led by two people- the Alpha Pan and the Alpha Ace.
Fact: Pansexuals, in addition to being masters of all genders, are masters of all four elements.
Fact: Pansexuals conserve energy by sleeping for an average of 13 to14 hours a day.
Fact: Just being around a pansexual can increase someone’s cuteness exponentially, as pansexuals radiate cuteness everywhere they go.
Fact: Pansexuals are the children of pan, many pansexuals are fae-folks and merfolks, while their sister races are also not human. Asexuals are elves and casters, demisexuals are half breeds between the children of man and other mythical creatures, while bisexuals are hybrids of two different types ...
Fact: Pansexuals are highly nocturnal, and sleep through the majority of the day. When forced to adopt a circadian sleep schedule, they may suffer from sudden explosions of Panpowers, such as random objects spontaneously combusting, tides changing their patterns drastically, and small animals develo...
Fact: All pansexuals are actually werewolves, their ability to be attracted to all genders comes with their ability to transform into a wolf at all times. Because of this a pansexual is also at their strongest when it is a full moon.  
Fact: The mating call of the pansexual is oddly reminiscent of dubstep music. This is not to be confused with the bisexual mating call of aggressive techno. 
Fact: A pansexuals hair is as soft as kitten fur and petting it is said to bring good luck.
Fact: Pansexuals are known as pansexuals due to their lovely habit of using pans to make breakfast in bed as a romantic surprise for their any-gendered and/or agendered significant other.
Fact: Pansexuals are actually crepuscular, or active at dawn and dusk. But due to heterosexual control of the world (heterosexuals are diurnal), most pansexuals are forced to disrupt their natural sleep patterns and adapt to a diurnal lifestyle. This is why pansexuals are the most grumpy around midd...
Fact: Pansexuals are rumoured to have strange gems on various parts of their bodies. Although little is known about this, it is told that one should never damage a pansexual’s gem, lest horror follow.
Fact: When pansexuals, polysexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals, and asexuals gather in one place together, a rainbow will appear, leading to the promised land of Accurate Representation in Popular Media.
Fact: Pansexuals are notoriously bad at baseball, due to the fact that they swing every way and are on all of the teams.
Fact: Pansexuals have the capacity to develop one or more psychic or psionic abilities including but not limited to; telekinesis, telepathy, heightened and/or manipulative empathy, and the ability to make perfect bacon.
Fact: Pansexuals can sense fear. Should you encounter one, maintain eye contact and do not show your teeth.
Fact: Pansexuals are actually part of the cat family.
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When I was a very small child, a ghost from the future came to me in the middle of the night and whispered, “In the year 2014 you will become somewhat famous for playing a lesbian on a web series”. So from that moment on, I decided to live a life of sexual confusion, frustration, and flu...
  • Sexual orientation:People are pretty and I am scared of all of them.