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haven't done watercolors in a long time!! something a little more silly drawing food is fun cackles alright back to work!! actually let's grab dinner first lies down switching between mediums is nice once in a while here we have baguette buns matcha birdcakes blueberry penguin rolls seal flan snoozing cat donuts and dog roll!! heh
Guys, this is not a drill. Antarctic scientists need you to study photos of penguins to help them figure out how climate change is affecting these stumpy little flightless birds.Sc...
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mygif exo soo Kyungsoo g:dks g:exoluxion *is still crying*
batman dc batman returns catwoman requests the penguin burtonedit dcedit BatmanEdit batman returns: mine
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a christmas story
White Arctic and Antarctic Photography by Kyriakos Kaziras
Photographer Kyriakos Kaziras, based in France, captured in two collections of pictures entitled White Dream Arctic and White Dream Antarctic, white bears of the North Pole and the penguin from the South Pole. His monochromatic photographs make us dreaming by seeing the wildlife of those two ice c...
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