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"weaponized femininity" more like "how to cater to the male gaze and Western beauty ideals while acting like it’s Totally Subversive"
it started out with a click  how did it end up like this 
i feel like dylan and cole met up one day and were like “u know what homie we got to stop twinning this is not 2006” and cole lost the coin toss and thats why his hair is nearly the same length as his girlfriend’s
Sticks and stones may break your bones but TV shows and books will crush your soul into a million pieces
my penis is longer than a Fall Out Boy song title 
Being in a fandom but not being “IN” the fandom
use a rare candy and get on my level
  • Fave character:*Confirmed dead*
  • Me:Haha show me their corpse and then I'll believe it
  • Writers:It's right there
  • Writers:They're dead
  • Writers:Never coming back
  • Me:Nah they're fine
someone: *mentions fall out boy* me: 
What’s the difference between Derek Hale and my jokes? My jokes can’t be topped.
shine bright like a
me: tries to be a big fluffy ball of support and positivity to help my friends!!!me: is actually a big ball of sadness, emotional instability and paranoia and needs to be taken care of
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I fucking hate that I’m so extremely sensitive. I fucking hate that I get attached so easily and when I do I lose myself completely. I fucking hate that I can’t express my feelings and they just build up inside me and torture me. I fucking hate that I’m always afraid people will le...
So, my whole life I thought my favorite color was purple. “What’s your favorite color?” “Purple.” Always. That was my answer. And it wasn’t a lie. I truly believed my favorite color was purple. And then my sophomore year of high school, someone I had just met in art class asked me if my favorite co...
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Eu só quero que você entenda que estarei aqui para sempre. Por mais que você me mande embora. Por mais que as coisas compliquem. Por mais qu...
  • teachers:dont have sex youll die
  • government:dont have sex youll die
  • everyone:dont have sex youll die
  • someone:im asexual
  • everyone:thats fucked up how could you not love sex its the best thing ever wtf