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yes, naruto is important but you know what’s even more important? nothing. nothing is more important than naruto.
Okay but do yall realize that A LOT of anti-blackness is geared towards dark skinned people only? Do yall realize that A LOT of misogynoir is directed at dark skinned women ONLY?
LOL exo EXO-K Kai n I know ;; jongin this kid but ignore the flaws please the qtest
harry potter Hermione Granger the blackout blackout shhh black hermione blackout friday biracial harry hogwartsblackout i like harry with piercings lol one year he just gets really stylish and everyone falls in love with him loll everybody was already in love with hermione tho cuz she stays fab ignore that crappy bathroom tho lol i still haven't gotten good at drawing 'vague' backgrounds and it's 6am and i wanted to post this really bad so just look at the pretty characters
* gifs high school musical ashley tisdale sharpay evans lol ignore the quote
Why the Bad Blood music video is important:
(Almost) An entire female cast.Proving that being feminine AND being bad ass is very possible.Did I mention that Taylor hired more girls than Hollywood ever has for one music video? Beautiful women kicking ass. Strong eyeliner game. Taylor Swift. 
Yogscast Honeyphos marigolden pls ignore th travesty that is xephos' hand lol
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Just so you know school is actually really stressful for people who are good at school because the expectations are really high and if you do any single thing wrong or get less than an A you feel like a complete failure and even when you do everything right and try your hardest there are still peopl...
places to visit: Casablanca, Morocco Valencia, Spain Moretta, Italy Hammond, Indiana Fraiture, Belgium
harry potter ~~ ignore this hpedit Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban can u believe it the text looks different in each gif lmao this was going to be in balck an white but it looked worse YES SOMETHING CAN LOOK BAD IN BLACK AND WHITE
1k my gifs mine 5k 10k Disneyedit Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada bh6edit tadashi hamada LOUD FROWNING please ignore the quality i am a simple gif farmer the frost was bad this year
1k arrow oliver queen long post for ts arrowedit felicity smoak olicity oliver x felicity [cries a lot] myarrow DO YOU KNOW HOW COMPLICATED THIS WAS TO MAKE. BUT I DO IT BECAUSE I LOVE THE SHIP. ((some of them have periods my bad its a habit just ignore and move on))
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