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*gets gravity falls poster**piece of paper falls out*ooh what’s this TTnTT
  • me:yeah im alright i look pretty cute today
  • anxiety::/
  • me:alright but at least i have this one skill people like me for
  • anxiety::/
  • me:my friends like me?
  • anxiety::/
  • me:im going to bed to stare at the ceiling and think over all my failings
  • anxiety:nice
thanks for reminding me im not pregnant period. between being a virgin and a lesbian i was worried
re: not wanting kids
i’ve seen a lot of pushback against “kid hating” lately, so let me just say a few things:i don’t particularly like kidsthey make me uncomfortablethe idea of being responsible for the physical and emotional well being of a child freaks me outbeing pregnant is incredibly unappealing to mei wouldn’t wa...
can we discuss jane and belle’s different teaching techniques and how jane is teaching tarzan how to read with basic children’s books: “see jane.” “see jane run.” while belle on the other hand decides that the first thing beast should learn how to read is shakesp...
i’ve always wanted to use fall out boy lyrics as a pickup line to ask out my crush but i’m afraid that someone else will hear me
sketch lineart
It’s ace visibility day! The asexuals are now visible to the mortal eyeCan you recognize an asexual?Can you identify their tracks and their low growling sounds?There could be an ace is your house right now
  • Korra:Not now, Tenzin. I just want to be alone
  • Aang:do i look like fucking tenzin
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2013 was a shitty year in everything except anime it was a good anime year
when i see a cute boy i be like
all I want is for Dean to get kicked in the crotch and for Cas to insist on healing him and Dean is like “Cas stop I’m fine" but he can’t even walk and Cas doesn’t understand why he’s being such a baby so they start bickering and Cas just keeps trying to grab Dean’...
i want to meet my favorite celebrity and then fight a mountain troll with them because then we’d have to be friends because there are some experiences you can’t share with someone without ending up friends and knocking out a mountain troll is one of them
be my frien (i’ll give u the d later)
natalia kills: *watches spongebob*spongebob: natalia kills: I, as an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you, a fictional SPONGE, have copied my husband, from the hair to the suit, do you not have ANY value or respect for originality?
i’ll never understand people who wake up and immediately begin talking because i need to go through a 2 hour period of wanting to kill a man before i’m ready for human interaction
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how to piss me off: ignore my texts