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Personal drawin Overwatch owoc shes inspired by (and named after) my late grandmother who i loved a lot !! beep bep ! overwatch oc biid tw ps i forgot to mention but in being affiliated w overwatch i mean she is affiliated w/ the unofficial resurgence like she's friendly w winston tracer reinhardt etc but she was never a member of ow so don't get the wrong idea !! she just wants to redeem herself for her time spent in the ALF so thru granny magic she found out abt winston's recall and found him and expressed her allegiance and desire to help in any way that she can !!
s/o to every closeted person hearing about the pulse shooting who has to act normal and unconcerned so as not to act ‘suspiciously upset’ I see you & I understand
Personal naruto the only tweet that matters BYEE
My fiancé’s dad’s first language is Arabic, has a really thick accent and doesn’t really understand cursing so when he gets road rage he just puts a bunch of curse words together. My favorite so far “Up shut your ass, motherbitch.”
does anyone else ever forget that men aren’t expected to shave their armpits even though they’re so hairy, and then a guy lifts his arms up and you’re actually fucking shocked because you expect there to be skin but instead you’re greeted with 2 fur trappers, 5 families of elk and an ancient civiliz...
listen: sweatpants with “BOTTOM TEXT” across the ass
the difference between you and me is that I free my time to talk to you while you talk to me in your free time.
My art comic weight body image Plus size artists on tumblr miad
Personal screencaps M.i.
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“butterfly prologue mix”“run ballad mix”“love is not over (full length edition)”“house of cards (full length edition)”
scribbles hello everybody did YOU KNOW that you can get a huge amount of sunflower seeds at winco for a very small amount of money and if they dont have ranch flavor you can just  buy like a half cup of ranch seasoning and mix it in the bag and get it all over your shit hands like an animal ive been workin through a lotta personal stuff lately ?? things should be pickin up soon though
I'm going to say this once
To my fellow white women: Beyoncé’s LEMONADE is not for us. We can enjoy it. We can blast it loud in the shower. We can appreciate it aestheticly and visually and musically. But it is not for us to appropriate for our own gain. I don’t want to see white women writing op-eds about it. I don’t want...
Key shinee taemin keystagram p: personal 160424 era: because of you
my posts concept art Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs visual development Gustaf Tenggren Disneyedit snowwhiteedit conceptartedit personal countdown for snow white: 1 day! yay
“can playing a video game be spiritual?” bruh play animal crossing at 2:23 am on a calm rainy night and u will transcend space and time and find peace
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