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1k mine community dean pelton craig pelton Community spoilers mine: Community communityedit 6x04 Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing wow I haven't giffed in ages I'm so rusty this looks kinda good unlike my previous tries with different scenes I love this analogy I think it's spot on
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Roses are red / Gender is performative / Mass-market romance / Is heteronormative
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Sometimes people try to destroy you, precisely because they recognize your power—not because they don’t see it, but because they see it and ...
Femmes crushing on femmes. Femmes flirting with femmes. Femmes protecting femmes. Femmes falling for femmes. Femmes fucking femmes. Femmes practicing femme skills to get the attention of femmes. Femmes complimenting femmes. Femmes being friends. Femmes standing up for femmes. Femmes valuing femmes.
Polite reminder for straight people who say “who cares” when someone comes out: such gestures are addressed to lonely queer kids...
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Queer characters DO NOT and SHOULD NOT have to “make straight people see how normal we are”. I have no interest in characters in literature...
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Yes, the word is painful. It was a point driven home to me with fists and kicks. It was the word vomited at me by bullies at school. It was ...
Bisexual women seem to be portrayed as particularly villainous in the media, always running around cheating on their partners and killing people and whatnot, and it’s so fucking weird. Like I don’t know about the rest of you bi ladies but when I have free time I don’t have affairs and commit murder,...
diversify your queer reads: 2014 books featuring queer people of color
Earlier this year, author K Tempest Bradford challenged readers to try a year of books that aren’t written by straight, white, cis men. Some see challenges like this as limiting our reading choices - but in a culture where white, straight, cis narratives continue to dominate, intentionally diversi...
Let’s unwrap this shit upHere’s the front of the actual fUcking bookGotta take a quick look inside of it holy shitwhy am i surprised and not surprised at the same time?MY SIDESsdkSGDFGHgsakK;;HKJjkk;??????????the fuck??????????…that was very Tumblr-esque 
Never allow your enemies to educate your children.