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Send a ? and I will generate a number for what my muse will say to yours! A mix of nsfw, crack, fluff, angst, etc. 1-50 You need to leave me alone. I think I’m going to jail. Do you still love me? Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? fuck, it’s a gun! You look like hell. I ...
Protective sentence starters
“I wont let anything happen to you.”“Get behind me.”“I would die for you.”“I’ve got you.”“I wont let them hurt you.”“Tell me who hurt you.”“Who did this to you? I’ll kill them!”“I’m here for you, always.”“Sit down, tell me what happened.”“Take my hand, I got you.”“C’mere, gimme a hug.”
  • 1:Chocolate or vanilla?
  • 2:Sunlight or moonlight?
  • 3:Best friends or partners?
  • 4:TV or movies?
  • 5:Group work or individual?
  • 6:Fruit or vegetables?
  • 7:Winter break or summer vacation?
  • 8:Late nights or early mornings?
  • ...
Send a ? for my character's reaction to yours dressed nicely.
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We are starting to update these lists again!  You know the drill: Reblog this if you roleplay a Homestuck TROLL ! If you roleplay a Human click here!! 
Headcanons 2.0 (secrets edition)
? - something no one knows about your muse  ? - a guilty desire they are ashamed of ? - a secret that’s obvious ? - a secret about your muses family  ? - a person who knows most of the muses secrets ? - a secret about their love life 
My favorite thing about them My least favorite thing about them Do I find them attractive? Are we friends? Would I date them? Would I marry them?  Would I have children with them? Would I die for them? 
balancing personality flaws
Conformist     ????????     Rebel     Naive     ????????     CynicalIndecisive     ????????     Inflexible   Selfish     ????????     Self-sacrificing Apathetic     ????????     Emotional   Fearful     ????????     Reckless  Childish     ????????     Humorless Dependent     ????????     Loner    Pas...
  • ☠:Their worst habit.
  • ☮:How they keep calm.
  • ♥:How they show affection.
  • ♕:Their most prized possessions.
  • ★:Their favorite celebrity.
  • ☼:Favorite season.
  • ☁:How they feel about cold weather.
  • ☻:Person who could without a doubt make them happy.
  • ...
A quick and easy plotting guide
Send me ? and I will bold my preferences for your muse!My muse(s):Do I know your muse(s):  yes | no | a little | tell me about your museSetting: our verse | my verse | your verse | modern | alternate universe | otherPre-established relationships? yes | no | depends on the relationshipPossible relati...
  • "I've looked up things about your symptoms.. Are you pregnant?"
  • "You.. You're pregnant?!"
  • "I'm gonna be a dad.. I'm going to be a dad!"
  • "I would never leave you.. I'm so excited for this baby."
  • "As the aunt/uncle of this baby, it is my right to spoil it."
  • "___ You two are not ready to have a baby, I can't believe it."
  • "Who's the spawn of satan? You are!"
  • "Either that was a really bad cramp, or I'm having contractions."
  • ...
the first person to submit a pacifier to me now has a child with my muse!
Send "3, 2, 1..." for a New Year's kiss from my muse.
Send 'College' and I'll generate a number 1-57 and create a college-verse starter.
(Inspired by this post) I’m really passionate about this cause and I will give you this flier if I have to shove it down your throat Vicious battle over the only left handed desk in the room My roommate’s boyfriend is staying over so can I please sleep on your floor? It’s pouring and my final paper...
Send my muse some flowers and they'll react to their meaning
Begonia — “We are being watched.”Blue Flax — “You are very kind.”Blue Hyacinth — “I will give my life to your service.”Bronze Chrysanthemum — “Though I value your friendship, I cannot love you.”Daffodil — "I do not return your affections.”Deadly Nightshade — "I believe you to be...
Send ♋ for our muses to swap bodies!
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Send (ノ゚Д゚)八(゚Д゚ )ノ for a starter where both of our muses are children.