• RIP •
stephen colbert jon stewart politics news the late show colbert donald trump trump
beautiful black woman natural hair black panther Afeni Shakur COINTELPRO
i'm the worst kageyama tobio hinata shouyou Haikyuu!! sawamura daichi sugawara koushi Suga you little shit Daichi is such a proud dad don't tease him poor Kageyama is so confused by Hinata's crisis RIP Hinata Dadchi and Sugamama give me so much life omg
reminder that the minute octavia was harmed, bellamy was willing to throw his own life awayreminder that when bellamy thought he was about to die, he looked at octavia and told her he loved herreminder that bellamy wanted octavia to be the last thing that he ever sawreminder that octavia wanted bell...
music president obama news prince rip prince
quotes photos RIP prince
Illustration purple RIP graphic design prince Tribute purple rain prince rogers nelson
gif RIP prince purple rain rip prince
mine queue robb stark bran stark requested asoiaf House Stark Arya Stark Sansa Stark catelyn tully mine: asoiaf i hope you like it! gotsansastark gotcatelynstark gotaryastark gotbranstark gotrobbstark gotcatelyntully asoiafedit
gif RIP prince purple rain
gif RIP prince purple rain prince rogers nelson prince gif
prince purple rain prince rogers nelson sex shooter rip prince
RIP prince
music RIP prince breaking news minnesota Pitchfork
RIP BARRY KRAMER 1989-2016 (he alright tho)
comic naruto uchiha itachi haruno sakura uchiha sasuke Orochimaru deidara Uchiha Shisui ft roary tacchan and friends shisui no obito puts down his phone turns to kakashi get your nicest suit ...what why we're attending shisui's funeral meanwhile shisui is like itachi oh my god i didn't mean tohahahahahhahaha death will not be swift for u shisui itachi probably duct tapes him to the ceiling or some shit shippuden sasuke gave sakura a peaches mug (he gave naruto a tubbs one) deidara is like fuck all of you uchihas not in the fun way
mine joey bada$$ capital steez troy ave
Fanart achilles the song of achilles patroclus tsoa i cant be lieve how deep into this hell i am IK THEY DONT LOOK FIVE BUT ITS FINE SSH ITS FINE i drew this bEFORE rereading the first chap so RIP LOLLLLfmsge
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