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It annoys me when people say “there goes another day when I’ve never used algebra” or “I don’t use maths in real life” because these people clearly haven’t been taught any real number sense or mathematical awareness. It shows that these people were taught ma...
When people of colour are expected to educate white people as to their humanity, when women are expected to educate men, lesbians and gay me...
1. Join a peaceful protest. They’re happening all around the country tonight, including at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, around 7 p.m. Eastern.  2. Recognize that Michael Brown’s...
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Why I Feed The Trolls
I’ve touched on this topic a few times. People from academia have a hard time understanding why I would deign to respond to some of the comments and messages that I receive that are obviously unfounded attacks on my credibility. It’s hard for people to believe that the rather decorated p...
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