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Donald Trump
I’m in fucking danger guys. He wants to take out the amendment that makes immigrants’ children a U.S. citizen and deport those families where the parents are illegal. Please stop supporting him as a joke. Please stop thinking that his racism and sexism is funny. Take this upcoming presid...
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Adolf Hitler rose to power by promising to fix Germany and return it back to the powerful land it once was before the First World War, blaming Jews, primarily, for the downfall of their nation. Donald Trump is rising to power by promising to fix America (‘Make America Great Again’) and...
10 Reasons to Hate Donald Trump
1. His ex wife admitted that he forced her into sexual situations.2. He wants to spend billions of dollars of our already dwindling budget to build a wall to stop Mexicans from coming into the country.3. When asked hard hitting and relevant questions by a female he avoided them and went on to blame ...