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How Racist is Australia? Pretty Damn Racist.
This is my response (originally published in Crikey) to Mark Sawyer’s article ‘How Racist Are You’ published in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald last week (http://www.smh.com.au/comment/how-racist-are-you-20140611-zs43h.html) Dear Mark, As a comedian I very much appreciated your...
when theres a racist post/tweet and black tumblr/twitter about to go in on the op..
Racist Homophobic
if I see one more “g*psy/indie” bullshit blog link, I’m going to scream
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Racist conservatives
basically everyone has the headcanon that human meenah is black but i like to imagine her as being like super white with blonde hair but pretending she’s black and aranea is always like “meenah you’re not black” and meenahs just like “you a ratchet hoe”
Racist guy wearing racist clothing, waving a racist flag and saying racist views murders nine black ...
white cops racist cops
Racist Racism black lives matter
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(By Jona Olsson) Below is a list of 28 common racist attitudes and behaviors that indicate a detour or wrong turn into white guilt, denial or defensiveness. Each is followed by a statement that is a reality check and consequence for harboring such attitudes. 1. I’m Colorblind. “People are just p...
Speak English!: Racist Revolt As Coca-Cola Airs Multilingual 'America the Beautiful' SuperBowl Ad
During the SuperBowl, the Coca-Cola Company aired a commercial to promote their brand as every other mega corporation who has a few million dollars to blow on a 30 to 60 seconds of television airtime. It was a nice commercial titled “It’s Beautiful” in which American people did Ame...
You can be in an interracial relationship and still be racist.
You can be in an interracial relationship and still be racist
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himanshu heems das racist kool a.d.
when you meet a canadian and start a conversation
OPINIONS CAN BE RACIST OPINIONS CAN BE SEXIST OPINIONS CAN BE HOMOPHOBIC stop using “it’s just my opinion” to justify your bigotry.
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