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  • Plot twits:You actually finish everything on your to-read list
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does anyone in one direction except for zayn even know how to read
To read a novel is to wonder constantly, even at moments when we lose ourselves most deeply in the book: How much of this is fantasy, and ho...
It's amazing how one's "to read" pile of books can grow so fast.
Every RP blog needs to remember this:
Remember when you first made your RP blog? You didn’t make it to impress a certain person or try to get every follower you possible could. You did it because you loved your character— be them canon or OC— and you wanted to bring them to life the way you saw them. Ever since you pr...
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I’ve had feature points for a while now and I’ve made over $500 literally by downloading apps ((there is $100 of the $$)) see not even tricking basically how it works is you download apps, and for each app you get points and those points are converted into rewards!! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS/THINK ...