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When I finish binge-reading
People might tell you that reading is a way to hide from the world, and sometimes it can be, but in my experience, people who love books are...
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Five facts about reading:
Fact 1: Reading can make you a better conversationalist. Fact 2: Neighbours will never complain that your book is too loud. Fact 3: Knowledge by osmosis has not yet been perfected. You’d better read. Fact 4: Books have stopped bullets - reading might save your life. Fact 5: Dinosaurs didn̵...
We have an obligation to read aloud to our children. To read them things they enjoy. To read to them stories we are already tired of. To do ...
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Read a book as if you’re reading a love letter.
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  • Me:*Adds book on tbr pile*
  • Me:*Buys 5 new books*
  • Me:*Adds 50 books on my to-read shelf on goodreads*
  • Me:*Has aggressive need to re-read favorite books*
  • Me:*Watches 5 seasons of tv-show in 5 days instead*
All good and true book-lovers practice the pleasing and improving avocation of reading in bed … No book can be appreciated until it ha...
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He reads histories and mythologies and fairy tales, wondering why it seems that only girls are ever swept away from their mundane lives on f...