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Reichenbach Explanation – Richard Brook was real – Rumpelstiltskin
The crackpot IOU theory left a lot of questions unanswered: Who is Richard Brook? Why is Sherlock’s behavior so out of character throughout the entire episode? Since when is Mycroft so stupid? What is the final problem? Why does Moriarty thank Sherlock before killing himself? There has to be a rati...
WAIT SO I WAS LOOKING AT SCREENCAPS AND THIS MIGHT BE NOTHING BUT??? look at the guy on the left of the picture huh thats a funny thing your hand is doing sir what WHAT ARE YOU HOLDING DUDE that looks like a packet of fake blood to me or possibly real blood his lanyard is blue it’s not the ...
Which was louder: Sherlock’s body hitting the ground or John’s heart shattering?
  • Sherlock Fandom:"I DID MY WAITING."
  • Everyone:"oh Lord"
  • Sherlock Fandom:"TWO YEARS OF IT"
  • Everyone:"here we go again"
  • Sherlock Fandom:"IN FEELSKABAN."
  • Everyone:"Wait what"
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IOU Explanation – 53-8-92 – Grimm’s Fairy Tales Cipher
We know that Moriarty leaves Grimm’s Fairy Tales as a clue for Sherlock to find the abducted children. But what if he also leaves this book as a clue to the IOU riddle?   It’s obvious that Sherlock doesn’t believe for one second in the binary code – the “code” he’s tapping out in Bart’s is completel...
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  • Dad:Ok! Next one.
  • Me:That's it.
  • Dad:What? WHAT!
  • Me:
  • Dad:Tell me there is another one.
  • Me:
  • Dad:Hollie quit your joking and play the next episode.
  • Me:Dad, there isn't another one. There won't be another one for quite a while.
  • ...
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it just occurred to me that sherlock knew he wasn’t going to die when he faked his own suicide yet he was still crying as he was talking to john on top of st. barts
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Reichenbach: Today is the Day of Sherlock's Death
According to most theories, June 15th 2012 is the date of Sherlock’s “death”. The roof scene, Moriarty’s suicide, three assassins. The jump. It happened today morning. This was never officially confirmed, but John’s blog strongly suggests it happened around this time (p...
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