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Rooster Teeth is making a movie!
… and we need your help! You guys have supported us since day one, and we wouldn’t be here without you. It’s always been a huge dream for us to be able to make a feature-length film, and our chance is here! Help support us by checking out our campaign, and by spreading the word!  W...
Origins of Rooster Teeth
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2013 has been the year that Ryan Haywood lost his fucking mind.
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The people at Rooster Teeth were excited to animate women. The men at the animation studios wore heels to get to learn their characters better. The animators act out their scenes, no matter the gender, to learn more about how to draw their characters. If that doesn’t fill you with love for RWB...
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I just want to make one, singular comment on the PSA Trigger Warning issue. Remember the video when Jack was going to record Geoff watching the Dead Island trailer (the shock trailer with the child) and Geoff turned off the video as soon as he saw the child dead on the ground? That is a trigger. ...
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RoosterTeeth is probably the only company in existence where you can walk into the CEO’s office, chuck a gaming console out his window, go outside and beat said gaming console with a metal stick and still keep your job. 
Markiplier got the entire crowd of his panel to scream penis as loud as they could purely because he wanted the Rooster Teeth panel to hear it in their room. amazing
Jack Pattillo was the driving force behind putting together a 25 hour charity drive for a children’s hospital and was so touched by the donations that he cried at the end. Fuck you if you don’t have some love for Jack Pattillo. You know who doesn’t like Jack Pattillo?
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