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gilmore girls rory gilmore okay? okay. ggedit gilmoregirlsedit roryedit [oc] lesbian rory is basically canon tbh i mean sure she straight up says that paris isn't her type but that's only because she had to squash the hope she had to make sure paris (who was in a relationship!) didn't find out @pluck
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Sorry - Beyoncé
Can we just talk about Serena Williams for a god damn second?
She’s always being criticized for being too tall, too muscular, too intense, too what the fuck ever for a female athlete. And what the fuck does she do? She lands herself in a Beyoncé visual masterpiece looking fierce and feminine as fuck. She is strutting with hair and heels reaching for the ...
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spoilers Dominic Purcell lotedit Kendra Saunders Mick Rory ciara renee legends of tomorrow dailydcheroes wow thanks for letting me know the 3rd one was frozen guys (over 1k and no one told me...)
hayley williams paramore yelyahwilliams pmore paramoreedit hwilliamsedit i could've fixed the backgrounds but I'm too lazy to bother
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