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If Roxy dies, then that means the last thing she would have ever heard from another person would be her best friend telling her that she liked her better when she was drinking.  Those aren’t words you want to hear before you die. 
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Whenever people argue about what the characters look like canonically in Homestuck I just
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take me down  where the lalondes are gay and the kanayas are
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i’m not a model i was fighting mind-controlled furry and camera turned itself on
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Let's talk about Roxy Lalonde
Has anyone done this before? Probably. Idk I wanted to talk about her.  Roxy Lalonde strikes me as one of the saddest and strongest characters in Homestuck. I know people like to fawn over Dirk and the rough time he is currently going through, but let’s talk about Roxy for a bit.  Roxy, just ...
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