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Giveaway Time!
To celebrate the 250+   268 follower, have a nice give-away!And this is what you can get: The Fancy Dreamer Roxy cosplay!(designed by the awesome rumminov) Here are the rules: reblog and like as many times as you want! (but don’t spam your followers) you must not follow me, but there might...
Roxy’s touching a living human for the first time in her life. Look at how freaking happy she is. That is just the cutest thing.
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Jade got Jake’s frivolity and Jane’s intelligence John got Jake’s dickishness and Jane’s compassion Dave got Dirk’s social awkwardness and Roxy’s funloving side Rose got Dirk’s seriousness and Roxy’s positive attitude
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==> Roxy: Think about your mom
What is consistency? We just don’t know