naya rivera Dianna Agron glee cast kevin mchale prettiest girl gifgl ilu so much this idiot DIANNA IMPERSONATING SUGAR IS THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN OK
my edits the vampire diaries delena not fair this is just do you cry a lot? im crying right now this way around sire bond suggested by the witch is so cruel i just couldn't even handle it when she was saying it he would have to leave everything behind and never see her again and before that basically compell her to forget about him and stop feelings whatever she feels??? this is not just sad but also very much not fair these are her feelings and this so-called setting free equals taking away any choice she has in the situation the bond exists because she loves him these are HER feelings she owns them i am making myself sad if this shit is ever going to happen im gonna kill myself
wait is Jade just going to transport them all to the condesce is Jade going to transport the last living trolls one of which has ‘kill-on-sight’ mutant red blood right to the alpha bitch troll
me progress
you know that one celebrity who just makes you so inexplicably happy and has changed your life so much aND YOU JUST WANT TO SAY “THANK YOU FOR YOUR EXISTENCE” BUT INSTEAD YOU JUST REBLOG ANOTHER FIVE PHOTOSETS OF THEIR FACE
Ryan Gosling ' love of my life i literally love you so much (ok this is a total mess lets try to be nice about it)
i’m waiting for the day harry accidentally punches himself in the face
once upon a time 1k plus ouat Rumbelle ouat spoilers ouatedit mine: gif[3] mine: ouat[3] otp: his heart is true ugh babies and this is just beautiful because like imagine if rumple were to actually die before belle got her memories back (not like it's going to happen but hypothetically) but when belle wakes up she would remember this she would remember that her true love was the only one who was honest with her she would remember that as he lay dying his thoughts were of her - and of how much he loved her and it's just . . . even if he were alive when she gets her memories back that means so much not just to him but to her too because the supposed most evil man to ever live was the only one who was true and honest to her and that's just so beautiful
** glee Quinn Fabray because quinn fabray wants to dance again she wants so bad to feel normal and to feel special but she fucking can't do whatever she wants to do and deep inside she maybe feel like no one cares about her and that's why she is trying to start these gross relationships so maybe she can feel special again and she will run into prom queen campaign because she wants somebody to love her but she will totally fail because good things never happen to quinn fabray also delusional is my middle name jsyk
i wish you could reach inside yourself and rip your feelings out so you could put them on a table and just point and be like “look this is how i feel this is what i’m trying to say” because for the first time in my life i feel utterly restricted by words and i’m sure a lot of...
gorgeous jennifer lawrence wow so much love critics choice awards i was about to go to sleep and then this pic happens this is my fave! so incredibly gorgeous!
Okay. So this is what is going to happen.
I have been told that if i can get this post past 1,000 notes i have to take my cardboard cutout of David Tennant out for lunch on Valentines day.  We shall see how this goes. If it goes. If it does? There will be photos and video.
~ klaine kurt hummel glee Darren Criss blaine anderson chris colfer I MISS MY BABIES SO MUCH CREYS
When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find peop...
doctor who sixth doctor Classic Who ~gif ~~mine peri brown Classic Who [2] Six Era Vengeance on Varos I love this serial so much you guys. It's probably in my top 5 serials.
AN EIGHT YEAR OLD CHILD why did this have to happen to a little kid
gif Harry Styles One Direction Niall Horan otp narry pop k sorry because it is my heart is falling out of my chest can that happen so much narry the last couple of days
You know what is actually my kryptonite?
It’s not pretty actors or compelling plotlines or beautiful cinematography or flawless graphics It’s these actors who think it’s TOTALLY OKAY to have an off-camera bromance as if it wasn’t completely DESTROYING MY LIFE
art film animation kickstart the reward suncreature studio tales of alethrion we can make it happen