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I am an adult. I can handle anything the spn writers can throw at me. I am completely prepared for the season 9 finale. I will not spend the summer hiatus emotionally compromised by a bunch of fictional characters.   because I am an adult. 
Supernatural in a Nutshell
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When someone asks if you’re addicted to Supernatural Parody…
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IN THE SPN FAMILY, OSRIC CHAU IS THE FAMILY PET. and you will never convince me otherwise
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  • me:hiii, did a phone go into the lost and found today?
  • security guard:yeah, two actually.
  • me:mine's an iphone with a sticker on the back
  • security guard:oh okay, what does it say?
  • me:....hey, assbutt.
  • security guard:
  • me:
  • security guard:
  • ...
Warning to all Tumblr users: Tumblr servers might go down temporarily tomorrow after Supernatural 8x10 “Torn and Frayed” airs. The SPN Family has suffered through a 42 (I think?) day hiatus and the first episode we get involves our precious angels being tortured. The fandom WILL explode....
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