• Sansa Stark •
my edits request tony stark Steve Rogers thor odinson Clint Barton aou I HOPE THIS IS ENOUGH META FOR YOU i have some issues with age of ultron if you can't already tell
* gifs tony stark by Mara marveledit avengers: age of ultron aouedit aou*
:) 1k mine requests i hope you like it peggy carter Ooops ac** agent carter marveledit Maw marvelgifs agentcarteredit hayleyatwelledit gifset** theslytherinbidoof mcu** it occurred to me once i was done that i could have used the movies as well
it really turns me off how we’re all making fun of Tony for assuming (hoping) that the man he built equipment for, moved into his home, and saved the world with on several occasions with many near death occasions was actually his friend.
* tony stark Iron Man 3 james rhodes marveledit
1k * mine asoiaf House Stark Arya Stark Sansa Stark lyanna stark gotedit gotsansastark gotaryastark pre got asoiafedit gotlyannastark iheartgot
my edits iron man tony stark Captain America Steve Rogers black panther t'challa captain america: civil war I just needed to do this before anyone else did
* tony stark Steve Rogers Stony Civil War mine:avengers marveledit It's finally happening mcuedit captainamericaedit captain america: civil war civilwaredit ca:cw technically it's a stony quote but it kind of sums up civil war in general i cant believe it took me a whole week to remember to make a gifset out of this quote it really brings me back to /how much/ i wanted a civil war movie back in the day doin funky pastel colours like all the younguns these days
Fanart tony stark Steve Rogers Marvel Stony mcu gift art for a friend who's in denial not civil war maybe civil partnership
  • steve:he's my friend
  • tony:so was i
  • thor:so was i
  • steve:thor, we're still friends
  • thor:then why aren't i in the movie
iron man tony stark my hero
funny my gifs mine game of thrones Arya Stark Gendry Waters gotedit gotaryastark gotgendry in those days where the show was still good
1k robert downey jr. tony stark Chris Evans Steve Rogers Marvel Stony rdjedit marveledit evansedit stonyedit otp: was it worth it? marvel: civil war marvel: the avengers
What if after Tony says “So was I” there will be a 5 minute long montage of Steve and Tony going to an amusement park, eating ice-cream, going on rollercoasters and wearing silly hats while “I’ll Be There For You” is playing in the background
tony to steve in civil war
* gifs tony stark The Avengers Marvel Avengers* it's been aWHILE marveledit by pip
about me iron man tony stark Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel Andy Bernard bucky barnes Civil War The Winter Soldier mbop captain america civil war
My art Fanart iron man tony stark Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel bucky barnes Stony Civil War winter soldier stucky starkbucks cacw winteriron
iron man tony stark Marvel Brian Michael Bendis Doctor Strange marveledit invincible iron man comic edit this was way too great to not post
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