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Shame, Virginity, MRAs and the UC Santa Barbara Shooting
I have a lot of thoughts on the UCSB shooting right now. I’m going to write them up for the site for Monday, but there’s a lot I want to get down now while they’re still raw and fresh. Friday night, Elliot Roger got behind the wheel of his BMW and proceeded to murder seven people a...
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'I will slaughter every single blonde slut I see' A gunman went on a drive-by shooting rampage in a Santa Barbara student enclave and at le...
Things this shooting will get blamed on: Mental illness Women Things which it should be blamed on but won’t be: Male entitlement Misogyny The overly-loose gun control laws
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a moment of silence for the women who died today, whose lives will not be celebrated and deaths will not be grieved like they deserve because we will be too busy pitying the white man who murdered them and inventing excuses for his behavior like “maybe he had a mental illness”
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