• Season 2 •
gif Awesome space explosion milky way science Astronomy andromeda physics collision duogong
so its 2:17 am and my window is open and i burped really loudly and i heard someone yell “what the fuck”
for sale thigh highs cat tights seoulrhythm cat stockings
can you imagine if tumblr just decided to shut down and you see all these confused teenagers coming out of their house squinting at the sun
gif miley cyrus Concert
cold night fall evening autumn seasons hoodies season
friends F.R.I.E.N.D.S ross geller season 5 David Schwimmer F.R.I.E.N.D.S. MyGif0 FIRST GIF OF 2013
Despicable Me g despicable me 2 universal pictures you know how gifs look great in photoshop but then turn out like shit? yeah that's what happened here
History gif set flirt Germany Nazi ww2 world war 2 Hitler historical Adolf hitler third reich World War Eva Braun home videos dictator
harry potter order of the phoenix * Hermione Granger luna lovegood deathly hallows hp idk man mine[2]
Halloween that 70s show season 3
the best thing that ever happened to me in high school was about 6 years ago our teacher never showed up for class and neither did the sub so one of the guys in the class just got up and started discussing his various theories about the island in lost and started drawing different diagrams on the bo...
comfy mine bed
zac efron high school musical hsm gif5 so you better like it hsm 2 took me 2 days to finish downloading the gif making part took me 2 more epic scene is epic
Zoey 101 stylishirish michael loves lisa it's season 3 episode 15 if u care
gif the simpsons simpsons lisa simpson lisa bart bart simpson season 6 lisa on ice
okay i need to talk about an issue so like does anyone remember the shrek 2 dvd and how it had this: and then like…there was for no reason simon cowell and he seriously sat on a fuckin panel with shrek and fiona like this was a regular fuckin thing for them  and then like at the end u could...
The last Twilight movie comes out this month. It's time for a Robert Pattinson Tumblr roundup!
I think we should all celebrate by taking a moment to appreciate Robert Pattinson’s attitude and I’m laughing so much right now. JUST ALL THAT HE IS. I mean  LOOK Robert Pattinson’s ‘Twilight’ commentary. I just I’m going to miss this
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