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  • Season 1:A group of unpopular teenagers struggling to reach their dreams and succeed in life as they fight against misfortune, prejudice and bullies.
  • Season 2:A group of unpopular teens struggling to remember which one of the group they're in a relationship with that day as they struggle against prejudiced bullies and bad fortune.
  • Season 3:A group of unpopular teens in serious relationships who fret constantly over college, overreact to everything, argue a lot and take things too far, too fast.
  • Season 4:A group of popular teens who suddenly become unpopular again for no apparent reason and then lead the most unrealistic, dramatic lives imaginable.
Season 1 veronica mars season picspam my stuff:vm i finished season 1 today and season 2 of fnl yesterday. season 1 of smallville on the other hand...
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The Legend of Korra: The Complete Season 1
Streaming links: Welcome to Republic City A Leaf in the Wind The Revelation The Voice in the Night The Spirit of Competition And The Winner Is… The Aftermath When Extremes Meet Out of the Past Turning the Tides Skeletons in the Closet + EndGame (Season 1 Finale)
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Charmed season: 3 season: 1 season: 2 charmedgif charmed* character: piper halliwell character: prue halliwell bylola season: 4 ship: p3 character: phoebe halliwell
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Season 1 episode 1 S01E01 TCD the carrie daries carrie daries
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