• Sebastian Stan it me me @ every family gathering ever •
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the winter soldier: sebastian stan:
Sebastian Stan: *exists*Me:
1k mystuff Sebastian Stan sebstanedit barnesrogers grootmorning natashasromanoff that last gif scares me it makes sense but i dont like it that 6th gif is my absolute favorite looks directly into the camera LOL
Lauren Sebastian Stan spread you're welcome Serena last gif it's me phoes
Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers bucky barnes Sebastian Stan I don't even care The Winter Soldier MY BRAND marveledit capedit this advertising still means so much to me
At that point, I think some time has passed since the ending of the movie. I’m not sure how much, but some time has passed. All that s...
Fuck you, loser!
Sebastian Stan 
sebastian stan chain swearing 
Sebastian Stan bucky winter soldier captain america 2
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Sebastian Stan