• Sequence •
  • aries:the stretchy face
  • taurus:"the truth is out there"
  • gemini:the flying saucer
  • cancer:fox mulder's badge
  • leo:the wiggly body
  • virgo:the van der graff generator
  • libra:the germinating seeds
  • scorpio:"paranormal activity"
  • ...
gif trippy Awesome universe loop Fibonacci Sequence
gif light random pulse loop Sequence generative
Illustration Black and White Moleskine sketchbook Sequence graphite
nature science mathematics geometry Fibonacci Sequence
cat cats purrfect Sequence furbonacci
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gif city infinite digital horizon dof cruiser 8bit loop Sequence
yoga yoga inspiration yoga sequence
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design architecture pattern g industrial design grasshopper product design Sequence form PARAMETRIC
Static Shock Virgil Hawkins magical girl transformations sequence go~
The God Wars
In the beginning…belief and rituals shaped the first gods from the dreams of man.As the civilizations of man grew, so did the strength and influence of their deities.┬áIn return for sacrifice, the gods gifted their followers with mystic might.But the people wanted more than these gifts could p...
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