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It’s so hard defending sex work to civilians without outing yourself as a sex worker and that bothers me SO FUCKING MUCH because it just shows how dangerous it is and how it reflects exactly how society views us. Which is exactly why we need more people to be educated on sex worker issues and spread...
Stripping is a real job. Stripping is not easy money. Stripping can make you a lot of money if you’ve got the skill set, work ethic, and endurance. If you think otherwise, check yourself and stay in your lane.
A 37-year-old mother of three, she very succinctly told me about her life: “These were my options: I could be apart from my children for 10 ...
  • Waitress:Your bill is $40.50.
  • Customer:I only have 30. Can you go a little lower?
  • Waitress:...
  • W:The steak is $50.
  • C:I have 20.
  • W:Sorry.
  • C:But I want the steak. 20 is still a lot.
  • C:Can I get tacos?
  • ...
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Sex workers in the Chillicothe, Ohio PLEASE READ
There is a serial killer targeting sex workers and drug addicted women. 6 women in the last year have gone missing and 4 of their bodies have been found. The most recent girl was found on Saturday, after being missing for more than a month. No one is officially calling the person a serial killer y...
As recently as 1991, police in a southern California community closed all rape reports made by prostitutes and addicts, placing them in a file stamped “NHI.” The letters stand for the words “No Human Involved.” (Linda Fairstein, Sexual Violence: Our War Against Rape, 1993, Ne...
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Lol @ guys who act like they're too good to pay sex workers
Sex workers should not be expected to defend the existence of sex work in order to have the right to do it free from harm.
9 Ways To Be In Solidarity With Sex Workers
Preamble: Once a working friend told me that she didn’t want to take on “sex worker” as a politicized identity (1). I respect that: no one should be obligated to identify a certain way, or to take on politics that don’t inspire them. But for myself, I’m certain that sex work is no...
How to temporarily stop your period
COCONUT OIL!Yes, coconut oil! If you have an upcoming appointment w/ a client or a meeting with your sugar daddy or just want to shorten it for whatever activity, coconut oil will not only temporarily stop your period, but it may even shorten the entire length of it. Just eat a tablespoon of coconut...
Attn: people who want to rescue sex workers, here’s ur chance
I’m a full service sex worker (or as you call us, a prostitute) who has been viciously attacked by clients (”johns”) multiple times. Most recently, a known rapist tried to lock me inside his house, and I was injured escaping. Prior to this, I was forced into sex work by my abusive ex who took my mon...
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PSA: Abstinence-only sex education does not work
Evidence hereMore evidenceFurther evidenceEvidence in chart form States with abstinence-only education also have highest teen birth rate An academic studyAnother academic study Yet another study Watch out even more academiaA full-fledged REPORTPlease tell your friends/representatives
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