• Shower •
21 “you’re so young” 22 “you’re so young” 23"you’re so young" 24 “you’re so young” 25 “are you married? how is your career?”
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When I have to fill in my childhood best friend’s name on security password protection questionnaires, I wonder if they put my name down on theirs.
"Fifty shades of grey" is considered a romantic story only because the guy is a billionare. If he was living in a trailer or in a shack somewhere in the woods it would be an episode of "Criminal minds".
I wonder how many miles I’ve scrolled on my phone
If Hillary Clinton wins two terms as president, 16-year-olds in 2024 will have never had a white male president.
USB sounds like a backup in case the USA fails.
The people who preach abstinence as the guaranteed way to prevent pregnancy also believe in the Virgin birth.
Instead of .ca Canadian websites should end with .eh
Jesus’ first miracle was bringing alcohol to a party.
I wonder how many miles I’ve scrolled on my phone.
Future archaeologists will find billions of objects with an apple inscribed on them and assume we worshipped some kind of apple god. Perhaps Ancient Egyptians didn’t worship cats at all but rather the most popular brand at the time had a cat logo.
“umop apisdn” is “upside down” spelled upside down with different letters of the alphabet.
Dora the explorer’s parents were extremely negligent
If the new Star Wars movie sucks J.J Abrams will forever be know as Jar Jar Abrams in the Star Wars Community
Apple could make something like Google Glass, but just for one eye, and call it the iPatch.
I wonder how many people I’ve unknowingly interacted with in public that had a butt plug in their ass.
If the government waged a war on potholes instead of pot then they would be making the country a safer place.
A broken clock has the correct time twice a day, but it’s possible for a working clock to never have the correct time.