• Shubbaart long post whatever i guess this was sitting unfinished in my folders so i thought i would try and finish it i probably stopped working on it because i realized that it wasnt all that funny but •
chris colfer then and now i'm sorry ChrisColfer dalia has problems struck by clara she gave me the idea I know the quote is long but I wanted it this way I'm sorry I just realized I've been stanning this wonderful person for almost 6 years and I got emotional hence the set another crappy set courtesy of dalia
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doodles long post / these r just based off things thatve happened 2 me i dunno how Relatable it is LIKE this isn't the case 100% of the time there r plenty of things where its like 'YEA I AGREE PAST ME WAS WORSE' and it IS funny but i guess past things where… u didnt realize that they felt that way ?? i dunno anyway sorry i know in the tags of last post i said mid-january but i got drains/stitches taken out yesterday and i feel 85% more capable of sitting up so IM GONNA DRAW
myedit Twelve dwedit clara oswald dw edit whouffaldi first edit in a long time! trying something a bit new...ive never done the sectional thing before and i've been seeing a hell of a lot of it lately and i thought it was cool so here you go i'll be releasing these as two more edits while i'm on vacation just because
harry potter My art idk Minerva McGonagall McGonagall well... just ignore me professor mcgonagall YH hp fanart ok so I kind of liked the drawing but hated the colours from that colour palette tbh I hate being limited to only few colours so I though it would be a good idea to change it a bit honestly I would do this to all the drawings from the challenge I'm still going to finish the challenge but I don't guarantee that I'll use colours from those palettes I'm sorry if you're disappointed :( there are so many tags that some more won't make a difference so this is probably Minerva from the day Dumbledore dropped baby Harry on Dursley's stairs and then they went partying and Minerva was flirting with all handsome wizards
My art BBC Merlin merthur otp: i couldn't bear to lose you yes merlin just fling yourself at him that's right he'll always catch you :') pretty sure i exploded with emotions at least 73 times while drawing this i also no longer have any teeth because they all rotted and fell out of my mouth from the PURE SUGARY SWEETNESS also i'm pretty sure in *modern day* the lake was supposed to have turned into a field but that's stupid fuck that is anyone even online right now whatever i wanna post it i'll just reblog it later one day i will post art that doesn't have a paragraph of pointless tags but today is not that day :)))
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from what i’ve seen the tolkien fandom is handling getting a popular movie and a wave of new fangirls a lot better than the marvel fandom did like the marvel fandom was like “you didn’t read the comics? get out of here you poser” and the tolkien fandom is just like “COM...
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i am not the story you have been told. i am not pure nor powerless i am not your fantasy of an innocent you can corrupt. you think he to...
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Heteronormativity is so ingrained in us from childhood that little girls can’t even recognise when they have little crushes on other girls, and that’s why being gay is seen as an “adult” thing; only when you’re old enough to reason critically are you able to recognise the crushes you had as a child....
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gif true story Valentine's Day Mamrie Hart valentine's day card valentine's day cards september 2 2011 basically there are very few rules on this blog the first one is probably the fact that this is a grace blog i believe every single post i've made here has grace in it without exception i've always regretted not posting the gif set of mamrie dancing to vanilla ice on this blog the second rule is probably no reblogs to here (so that's why i haven't just reblogged that post to here from my personal blog) anyway mamrie definitely deserves a pass so i'm just going to post this here this time this gif is about a year old as usual i was making the gif late at night because i couldn't sleep if you know about these sort of gifs where you cut out the person from a video you'd know that it takes a really long time to do so i got about an hour into it and then was finally tired enough to sleep the next day was valentine's day/camp takota's release so i didn't finish this/publish post because i was busy downloading/watching/making gifs for camp takota instead a few days later i finished this gif but by then it was too late to post so i've kept it in my drafts the reason why it's 540 px wide instead of 500 px like it would've been for last year is because i've kept the original psd so i just resized it now (my hoarding pays off!) oh you can see the gifs i made for last year by looking at my /tagged/valentine's-day those are popping up in my activity page right now so i figure it's about time to post this one