• Shubbaart long post whatever i guess this was sitting unfinished in my folders so i thought i would try and finish it i probably stopped working on it because i realized that it wasnt all that funny but •
homestuck My art ancestors sufferer dolorosa texture overload i can't draw furniture for shit
1k * Emma Watson logan lerman The Perks Of Being A Wallflower perks of being a wallflower Ezra Miller perks
Eminem  The Marshall Mathers LP
My tea’s gone cold I’m wondering why I..Got out of bed at allThe mor...
* joker mass effect mass effect 3 shoker *me i am a terrible person shame on me *req i do hope you like it virusq I AM SO SORRY THAT THIS IS SO DULL I TIRED xD I seriously took forever to find caps that I thought would work best with your request I was also busy this weekend and yeah here you go as for everyone else I'm slowly getting there I am so sorry that it's taken me so long to fill everyone's requests but hey look at another ME graphic! I miss Mass Effect I wish it all could be new again :3
gif mine exo exo k idk idk baekhyun chanyeol baekyeol I was just sitting in class today being bored and this idea popped in my head while I was making it I realized how silly it is
homestuck Dave Strider bro strider
sailor moon odango buns sailor moon hair
amy poehler julianna margulies YOU AND I BOTH, AMY SHE JUST UNDERSTANDS like how is julianna margulies even a fucking person UGH she is so perfect i want to jump off a bridge but all of this just reminds me of the time i was sitting on stage at ucb and i just wanted to touch amy poehler's butt. or just hug her legs. she was so close holy shit. like her ass was literally in my face. and i enjoyed every fucking minute of it. that's not even a humblebrag that is a brag brag. and look at all the fucks i give.  owning it!! MY FAVORITE LADIES ARE COLLIDING oops didn't want to sharpen all those layers. like how do people even have patience to make photosets AND sharpen all the layers.
homestuck andrew hussie beta kids ?? alpha kids aigh this is so bad I'm sorry :c tw: epilepsy just incase!!
Officially Missing You
Jayesslee - Officially Missing You (Studio) All I hear is raindrops Falling on ...
sherlock drawings lestrade not my division
submission tattoos
creepy creepypasta
i hate twilight
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