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Imagine your OTP in matching Halloween costumes.
Imagine your OTP getting really confused while trying to build IKEA furniture. 
Imagine your OTP taking a shower or bath together, but instead of getting frisky they innocently goof around in the water and wash each other’s hair and relax in each other’s arms.
Imagine your OTP having a pantry raid
Imagine your OTP attempting to roleplay in bed, but they cannot handle anything with a straight face and end up cuddling in a laughing fit.
Imagine your icon walking around in a pink dress with flowers in their hair
Imagine your icon in a christmas sweater and helping you open presents on christmas.
Imagine your icon trying to make breakfast for you and just ruining the whole thing
Imagine your icon decorating their Christmas tree and accidentally getting tangled up in the lights.
Imagine your icon trying to cook for you, but accidentally starts a kitchen fire.
imagine your icon as president of the world
Imagine your icon laying on top of your keyboard like a cat.
Imagine your icon showing up as the surprise stripper your friends hired at your birthday party