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gif japan gif by me it's so perfect love exposure sion sono i can't stop blogging about this movie i can't stop re-watching either
my post no.6 Nezumi No. 6 Shion Sion i tried mc I wasted 7 hours working on this hope that's a hand
Asian horror essential masterpost
This is my gift to you all who have made me grateful to start this blog and being with me for the last year and two months. Now, I asked you all what were the most essential films of the genre of Asian horror. These are the ones that were mentioned the most. All are linked and ready to watch. Thank ...
** Nezumi No. 6 Shion Sion No 6 I swear to baby jesus this is said by shion i laughed then screamed then shriveled up into a dry cabbage ball and melted under the sun
gif * Fanart favorites Nezumi No. 6 Sion the dub already sounds like a disasater ask;djf esp nezumi's voice???
myedit no.6 Shion top 6
gerard way my chemical romance
frank iero my chemical romance
cat cute edit aww