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I feel like Maleficent’s curse was such a random and specific circumstance that she just sort of improvised it on the spot in an attempt to be cool. like 'OH YEAH WELL I HEREBY PUT A CURSE ON YOUR DAUGHTER THAT WHEN SHE TURNS SIXTEEN SHE'S GONNA (ah shit) SHE'S GONNA (uh) PRICK HER FINGER ON A...
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1k mine hannibal mine: hannibal hannibaledit hannibal plus nbchannibalnetwork my blurays arrived and now i can make hq gifs with no network logos joyous day ok the 4th is technically fungi but shh
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Ok, so you're having a bad day...
But remember it’s not always like that. It’s a bad moment, Not a bad day. It’s a rough patch, Not a doomed friendship. It’s a low feeling, Not complete misery. No matter what you are going through, No matter how low, sad, upset, or angry you are, Remember that it’s just...
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