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** disney princess beauty and the beast Belle wdas disneygif type:gif *beauty and the beast Disneyedit Couples Challenge type:edit *princess *belle i'm very proud of this one mostly of the graphics though I love belle *wdas
ughhh art by me acnl ac fauna ac fuchsia ive been procrastinating all day omg
I feel like Maleficent’s curse was such a random and specific circumstance that she just sort of improvised it on the spot in an attempt to be cool. like 'OH YEAH WELL I HEREBY PUT A CURSE ON YOUR DAUGHTER THAT WHEN SHE TURNS SIXTEEN SHE'S GONNA (ah shit) SHE'S GONNA (uh) PRICK HER FINGER ON A...
disney gif2 pocahontas meeko 20 Day Challenge 20 day princess challenge princess challenge skipped day 3 out of frustration!
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