• Soccer Aid Team England the is not such thing as too much happy louis he is beaming such a happy team member hot water prank june2016 •
mygifs mine Minato kill me Minato Namikaze namikaze minato uwu minamigif mipato husbando narutographic narutoall so much minato cries he just lost his arm............ tho i like him so much with his bangs up but mostly down ah im happy to see him more but also sad because the obito confrontation tho obligatory gifset bc as a wife i must cries for a thousand years the agony is real i love u let me make u happy stop being sa d godda mit team minato he's a good leader while naruto and sasuke don't know what to do hes proving to be  a good leader that's minatot FOURTH GIF IS MY FAV ONE THO ok bye i must study
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gif homestuck andrew hussie kickstarter homestuck kickstarter only the most pained of anuses homestuck opinions fandom butthurt fandom jackass stupid logic comic butthurt hussie butthurt
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my gifs graphics sighs just dragon age my tears definitely dragon age: inquisition otp: what we had was real dagraphics Solas solas x lavellan solas/lavellan bald elf husband my elven king i lost count of how many times i teared up while making this gif set i got the idea and i set immediately to work and my tears and when ur heart does that Thing where u /feel/ it hurt and then u cry again such a beautiful and emotional cover for a beautiful and emotional story and journey which im sure still has a way to go i love solas so much im so heartbroken but at the same time idk he makes me happy : / weird right screw u egg head im far too in love with you btw this is the song/cover PW used to write solas natalie lavellan
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Harry Styles * 2013 HSG angel!styles stop being such a fucking babe you're not real tags update: yes i know harry has objectified women yes i have objectified women too yes i AM a woman yes i meant no harm and didnt even notice i was doing such a thing and im pretty sure neither did him he KNOWS how to treat people he really does thats the concept of this post anyone who knows enough about him knows that idc about the times he has done something irrespectful because 1) he is not hitler he is just a 19 year old ofc he is gonna fuck up mainly in this aspect 2) IM NOT THAT FUCKING PESSIMISTIC PLEASE EITHER YOU SEE THE GOOD IN PEOPLE OR YOU SOD OFF BUT JUST STOP IT so much harry hate lately the amount of harry girls that have bitched about this gifset ayy lmao why are you a harry girl then
doctor who stuff dw cast i love this man so much peter capaldi dwedit i will defend him till my last dying breath
my gif 1k my stuff dean winchester 2k happy birthday dean spnedit mine:dean deanedit this looks much better dean love club jensenlovenet I hope my poor baby have a happy birthday Why don't they make an episode on birthdays and such I just made it in a hurry so I hope its not too crappy I changed the coloring after posting it
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horoscope SWIMMING ANIME newtype free! you can be biased about any ship in any way from reading this with shipping goggles so if you're upset go jump into a pool of iwatobichans and calm the fuck down
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mygifs snl The Avengers Hawkeye Jeremy Renner hawkeye is a valued member of the team guyz
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my gifs mine the hobbit bagginshield auj hobbitedit th movies I'm trying to rewatch some parts of AUJ to get some happy feels but each time I do so I fall back into BOTFA pain BUT THIS CONTRACT THOUGH THAT TINY LITTLE SCENE WAS SO WELL WRITTEN Because when bilbo returns he's not that happy to be back clearly who would after such a loss? but the shire has always been associated with happiness and good times but leaving the spectator with such a feeling with all that happened right before Bilbo's return wouldn't feel right so there is the auction to kind of lighten the mood (kind of...) but then there is this portion of dialogue and the contract vouching for bilbo and there is one last mention of the name of thorin oakenshield because bilbo needed to put at least some words about what he was to him (at least try) and the spectator needs to feel the presence of thorin one last time before the movie closes we need to feel the weight this character had in this trilogy but also in bilbo's life so this question about who bilbo pledged his service too is very important it gives the final scene a perfect balance between the homecoming feeling and the sadness surrounding the tragic events and it's important for the character of bilbo as well and what follows next when bilbo reenters bag end is equally important seriously THE WRITING IS SO GOOD HERE
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cake valve birthday cake team fortress 2 tf2 medic don't say the cake is a lie because that's an old meme shut it happy belated birthday team fortress! i ate this cake and now I'm battin' a thousand medic caek robin walker mazamataz