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sandman jack frost rise of the guardians rotg toothiana Tag yourself North ROTG tag yourself meme aster rotg trying a new ugly artstyle and I want to get to know my followers better! I HARDLY USE MEMES I AM SORRY
Roosh V, the infamous men’s rights activist who advocates “l...
gifs marveledit and im so sorry marvelmovies chrispratts usermichaelfassbender deadphool first of all i'm shocked there isn't loke in here why you guys didn't vote for him? it's weird :D top10s i always use iron man gif but i can't stand it :D fucking shit :D
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GRAVITOWNED“What if I just took all the bad ideas I’ve had o...
giveaway diary ml ladybug :9 thank you for following Miraculous Ladybug chat noir please boost if you can! sorarts giveaway ladybug diary i hope i didnt forget anything..
@my 13 year old followers
if an older kid (16+) asks you out, say no and cut off communication immediately. if they continue to ask you out or try to threaten you into dating them, tell an adult. dont let the situation advance in their favor. stay safe
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