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What if, when Thorin, Fili and Kili die in the third Hobbit movie, they just mute the battle noises and play the Misty Mountain Song from the first movie?
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quote book divergent Veronica Roth insurgent Allegiant divergent spoiler allegiant spoilers Allegiant Spoiler insurgent spoiler UH WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME THAT GOD DAMN ENDING
spoilers homestuck Spoiler update upd8 alpha trolls latula pyrope latula mituna mituna captor beta spoilers beta spoiler gonna tag this in case spoiler I guess?
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Spoiler lauren german chicago fire leslie shay chf spoiler chfedit 2×05: a power move
the best part though korra needs more hot water YOURE A FUCKING FIREBENDER GOD FUCKING DAMNIT MAKO
watch this show they said it’s just blood and guts they said there are no feelings the said why are you lighting youself on fire they said
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Bruce Wayne is Batman Peter Parker is Spiderman Clark Kent is Superman Steve Rogers is Captain America Tony Stark is Robert Downey Jr.
The senior class president cheerio glee club member runs her own internet show member of the quiz team isn’t graduating yet the boy who copied off of her didn’t know how to wash his own balls thought he could get a girl pregnant without having sex prayed to a sandwich is graduating.? fuc...
Dean never fights back the person he loves. 
4x11 - 4x13 Kurt and Blaine trying to convince themselves that they can go on with their lives separately and have other serious crushes [Sam] and relationships [Adam] 4x14 Kurt and Blaine jump each other’s bones as soon as they meet