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The Force Awakens
Friend: So when did you start crying?Me:
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  • Finn:*points at Rey* If you're the desert dwelling orphan who's actually a Jedi...
  • Finn:*points at Han* and you're the wise old man from a previous era who guides us...
  • Finn:*points at Kylo Ren* and you're the former Jedi who turned to the dark side...
  • Finn:*points at Poe* and you're the great pilot with the daring attitude...
  • Finn:*points at himself* then am I... Princess Leia?
  • Finn:...awesome!
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The big nope
Hey weirdos!  For the past few months, I’ve done something unprecedented - I’ve stayed off the internet.It was hard but I had to do because I’ve been trying to stay SPOILER FREE for the movie event of the new millennium!  This December was the revival of one of the most famous sci-...
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ICHIMATSU-SAMA!!Sorry for posting this here in my art blog, ...
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