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x txf The X Files she gets me xf revival my fave part of this is the author's name is abby
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Your typical X-Files post-credits opening: Gotta go to fucking work today, time to investigate some bullshit Oh great there’s my partner, source of all bullshit in my life Mulder stop playing Bejeweled and explain why you dragged me here Last episode it was Mulder get out of that grave and ...
doodle terezi kanaya x files crossover in trying to find a quick way to do these i managed to find a process that 1) took forever 2) shows how awkward drawing is for me 3) doesn't really look like my style anymore so i'll probably reign it in a little but plz if you want to get in on the kanrezi xfiles craze i invite all of you
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  • The X-Files fandom:*kicks down your door*
  • The X-Files fandom:WE ARE FUCKING BACK
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