I’m not going to see daddy anymore, he’s in Heaven.
I don't get why Harry is so embarrassed, he's a lot more mature than most boys is age. And yes even ...
Harry Styles One Direction gifs 1000 ugh he looks so happy though :')
1k ~ gifs spoilers Merlin Morgana Pendragon mordred asa butterfield flashbacks arthur's bane gifs:merlin gifs:mordred gifs:morgana THAT'S RIGHT NEEW GIF TAG: JUST FOR MORDRED ugh though why mordred YOU COULD HAVE SAVED HER
1k mygifs bw gifset Teen Wolf Tyler Posey Scott McCall isaac lahey daniel sharman tw* mclahey that's their ship name right? Isaac looks so fucking horrified though omfg
ok guys you can stop with that effect now no really you can stop we get it you like birds
mine sasuke uchiha naruto uzumaki ALL THE FEELINGS sasunaru they're so in love ugh HELP WHEN SASUKE GIVES HIM THE TOWEL THOUGH sasuke x naruto
mygifs FT Island Hongki but ugh jeremy :-((( currently rewatching this drama ahhh favorite this scene made me bawl so much ok even though yongshin is otp......
gif film mine :( jack nicholson One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest brad dourif louise fletcher forever the saddest part in how happy he was though ugh and randall tried so harrrrd to help him ugh fucking nurse ratched ofotcn*
own oh yeah but no theon greyjoy fun fact that's why why do all my graphics start with 'ugh' i'm supposed to work on these tywin requests and then a catelyn one perhaps theon greyjoy has to be this stupid character who makes me feel all these stupid feelings he's like the perfect graphic material why are you so complicated you're human THAT'S ACTUALLY MY HAND and i took that picture and can you see how the waves crash into each other yeah that's cool
omg mom help ugh omfg her face hello i can't cousin someone please i can't breathe both of them i'm dying obeyteaser yeah that's her url
gif quote robert pattinson kristen stewart Kristen and Rob My edits 2 DO IIIIIIIIT !!!!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top ! I'm doing the puppy eyes jsyk It took me forever to do this that's pretty ridiculous And I'm too exhausted so I'm still gonna post it even though yeah... *shrugs*
okay so if you reblog this (likes don’t count) i’ll make up an original character based on your blog, i’ll describe their personality and looks and who knows maybe they won’t even be human, maybe they’ll be a robot or an alien or a squid (but probably humanoid) your sub...
photoset gif Concert interview soundcheck thexfactor reminds me of why i love you so much even though i could never forget ugh you're the cutest there might be a part two
gif Seungri Big Bang bigbang okay i'm done AND i had to gif this too LOL so adorbz though ugh.
gifs mine sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch bbc sherlock idek andrew scott jim moriarty i give up somehow this took me forever to make ugh and it still looks so shitty Rose's blog of endless artistic frustration 2012 that's what people Q
1k ~ The Avengers Chris Evans Steve Rogers this deleted scene was the worst though ugh the beginning scene and the subway scene broke my heart also i couldn't color the first part so i kind of just left it out oop