I’m not going to see daddy anymore, he’s in Heaven.
ugh look at him though mature era shysgifs i don't like him The Last Photo Shoots low quality is not my friend tlps i can't stand him
Harry Styles One Direction gifs 1000 ugh he looks so happy though :')
I don't get why Harry is so embarrassed, he's a lot more mature than most boys is age. And yes even ...
Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Sharp Corey Crawford goalie love way too many to tag ugh that's so adorable
1k ~ gifs spoilers Merlin Morgana Pendragon mordred asa butterfield flashbacks arthur's bane gifs:merlin gifs:mordred gifs:morgana THAT'S RIGHT NEEW GIF TAG: JUST FOR MORDRED ugh though why mordred YOU COULD HAVE SAVED HER
1k doctor who gifs(3) jenna louise coleman dwedit clara oswald dw edit doctor who edit jenna coleman I LOVE Clara i'm so upset like what the fuck this finale had to be the most disappointing finale ever but i'm so depressed cause of that scene with clara and the doctor like ugh i don't want jenna to ever leave i think she's back for the christmas episode though well that's gonna be great i hope something terrible will happen to her so i can have a nice birthday present from moffat just like i had eleven regenerating on my last birthday that was heartbreaking fuck well damn i went really crazy with the captions in two of these gifs damn damn
melanie iglesias ugh
gif edit daesung t.o.p choi seunghyun bigbang kang daesung Todae hahahhaa that's because he needs your affection daesung i lol'd so hard at daesung's comment though
ok guys you can stop with that effect now no really you can stop we get it you like birds
1k mygifs bw gifset Teen Wolf Tyler Posey Scott McCall isaac lahey daniel sharman tw* mclahey that's their ship name right? Isaac looks so fucking horrified though omfg
My art ugh HAHAHA Haikyuu!! Kuroo Tetsurou nekoma that's what kills me hq backpacks I HAVE SO MANY HEADCANONS ABOUT THIS TOO but now it's time to eat some food thanks for watching the stream everyone :D the drawn dick from bokuto though
doctor who mine dw Rose Tyler sigh But oh well 1x01 mine: dw dwedit mine: dwgif ugh this episode though ok i should go now rosetyleredit rtdedit for jaci i'm experimenting with selective colors probably overdid it i missed giffing dw i miss rose so much i miss what this episode represents for me that would be all the rtd awesomeness that's yet to come at this point miss miss miss it oh and if you thought about 'i've been experimenting with back combing' there when you read my previous tag kudos
mygifs FT Island Hongki but ugh jeremy :-((( currently rewatching this drama ahhh favorite this scene made me bawl so much ok even though yongshin is otp......
mine sasuke uchiha naruto uzumaki ALL THE FEELINGS sasunaru they're so in love ugh HELP WHEN SASUKE GIVES HIM THE TOWEL THOUGH sasuke x naruto
Back then, Minho thought SHINee would mature in the future
gif film mine :( jack nicholson One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest brad dourif louise fletcher forever the saddest part in how happy he was though ugh and randall tried so harrrrd to help him ugh fucking nurse ratched ofotcn*
LOL death funny cute quote Black and White text depressed depression myself hate book chapter ugh die serious Reading so true Killing annoyed failure prozac nation will grayson will grayson killing myself That's so me hate living