me bye psycho i'm fucked up And I'm very sorry but this is who i am
HOLY FUCKWATCH THIS THING“Instead of the image turning black and white, your brain fills in the color it thinks you should be seeing, based on the orange and blue photo. Blink and you’ll be back to black and white.”
Zayn Malik liam payne * Ziam i'm crying 1d gif 1d chicago this has fucked me up for real jkfhajfhajfhakjfhkajfhjka there was a typo in the original too overwhelmed to really care ;___________________________;
me love Demi Lovato fucked up fucked....
fun, unique, original, fucked up au’s
you tried throwing yourself in front of my car for the vine but i was coming to a stop so it looked really patheticyou were being chased by my dog and ran through my backyard and tried coming into my house but you slammed into the sliding screen door and im just trying to eat cereal what the fucki j...
Zayn Malik ^ no one woke me up this morning im so fucked
I don’t play sports. I don’t exactly have a ton of friends. I have books. You don’t read, you don’t understand. You ...
exo ngl this scene fucked me up
good god idk how to caption this other than this guy has a fucked up situation one hundred nuts left..... 100....
spoilers *gif ;;;;;;;;;; blood tw klk kill la kill Ryuko Matoi Satsuki Kiryuin nsfw???? matoi ryuko kiryuin satsuki klk spoilers *klk Ragyo Kiryuin Kiryuin Ragyo this anime has fucked me up i am fucked up so bad my otp is incest i don't know how to handle this i still ship it i am trash goddamn fuck this anime I AM RUINED U HAPPY TRIGGER ALSO HER FUCKING HAND SHE IS REACHING OUT TRYIN G TO AVOID THE HITS I AMS OC FUCKED UP MY BABY UGHGH ask not the sparrow how the eagle soars
~ narry ! niall x harry add it to the pile this has probably been done a million times idk i can't nsee my internet is fucked up
mine Don't hug me I'm scared skypenet afternoonsc this fucked me up
1k arrow ra's al ghul oliver queen arrowedit arrow* arrow spoilers THIS HAS FUCKED ME UP
scary creepy creepypasta creepy pasta long post
Shameless US ian x mickey mickey milkovich Ian Gallagher shameless spoilers shamelessgif shamelessedit i'm fucked up this fucked me up
homestuck condesce upd8 shit got fucked up end of act 6 act 5