Man x factor nz is brutal. The first people the public voted off were judges
9:17 p.m. Earlier I said these mozzarella sticks taste like garbage. I would like to amend that statement. They taste worse than garbage. I ...
shut up devin oh ym gfo
i really can't i can't tell if this is supposed to be funny
1k gifs mine supernatural dean winchester Jensen Ackles 5k 10k 15k 20k season 10 fan fiction spnedit 10.5 spngifsets holy crap Dean's expression is hilarious I was dying of hysterical laughter from this episode
mine kanye west Vince Staples honestly this video is hysterical my friend and i watched it about 20 times in a row 'if you a rapper in 2017 and you don't have some sort of allegiance to the kardashian family' 'i don't know how i see your trajectory going'
ECCC hawkeye initiative this guy was awesome he was a champ my photo! But I bet there are a lot more out there coming in of this guy :) I knew he was going to do this pose look at those shorts but he didn't even blink or even give any indication he just went for it the people taking pictures with me burst into hysterical giggles it was awesome blatsuura
au where the winter soldier ends up killing steve on the helicarrier, and the moment he breaks steve’s neck is the moment he remembers hearing those same bones breaking after a small boy with blond hair and blue eyes tried to climb a tree - so i can see the world from up high bucky - and fell and th...
My art Achievement Hunter RoosterTeeth gavin free kerry shawcross michael jones ray narvaez jr Geoff Ramsey Jack Pattillo ryan haywood ah hshc au yes usa chan is a dragon because kerry is dragonface i'm hysterical. also ryan's couch makeS A GUEST APPEARENCE
sanji for some reason trafalgar law opgraphics OPfanart further headcanon about law making a very rude and hilarious comment about zoro in this north blue language during dinner and sanji actually spits out his drink he is not ready for it and he laughs until maybe he's almost crying as far as zoro knows law just made weird mouth sounds and sanji apparently found it hysterical he doesnt understand and he doesnt care to
mine fitzsimmons agents of shield Jemma Simmons aosedit [hysterical laughing] aos* otp: you've been beside me the whole damn time leopold fitz fstag no more psychically linked because fitz's brain is not the same anymore [hysterical sobbing] but hey it's a less painful gifset coming from me these days so there's that
r sole Danielle Stoya teresa alicia nsfw? hysterical literature stormy leather YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HARD IT WAS TO MAKE THIS PHOTOSET JUST SAYING it's 9am ffs watch for your own pleasure also please use your earphones okay godbless u
twd the walking dead Daryl Dixon merle dixon Glenn Rhee *twd i am hysterical rn [heavy breathing] bad giffing but i'm sorry i'm sick and did this fast
funny lit books children kids The Great Gatsby book review
My art Avatar zuko lok lok spoilers Honora book 4 also can we just appreciate the fact that at one time Iroh told this joke to Zuko and Zuko actually found the punchline hilarious enought that he memorized it even though he forgot the rest of the joke? I think that's hysterical xD he's such a dork and I love him so many things to draw and so little time
haha tom hiddleston loki This is priceless you precious human being
There is nothing more hysterical than Brendon Urie being 900...
myart gravity falls dipper pines mabel pines grunkle stan gravity falls spoilers gf spoilers gravity falls fanart stanley pines soos ramirez not what he seems not what he seems spoilers THIS IS HYSTERICAL IT'S BEEN PRATICALLY TWO DAYS AND I'M STILL FREAKING OUT *throws confetti everywhere* CANOOOON !!