all the girls from my school have such cute boho indie whatever blogs with pretty pictures and I’m here blogging about dancing aliens gifs and tv shows
* Chris Evans Sebastian Stan sebstanedit THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING marvelcastedit evansedit *Chris Evans' voice* nailed it
twitter dallas 5sos 5 seconds of summer michael clifford 08072015 this is going to post twice thanks tumblr kill me he's so embarrassing I love him so much
trashbloggin the 1st pic is so embarrassing tho
~ sherlock john watson series three this is embarrassing the sign of three ~sh You are so in love you idiot take my knee
Personal ahahahahah OHMYGOD im crying nooooo someone hELP THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING
gif * s4 stiles stilinski twedit stilesedit by janine this is embarrassing i'm sorry it's the first time i've done colours it's so shit
my edits ** i'm crying harrison ford digdug7800 I made this for my new phone wallpaper omfg this was more fun than I thought it would be y am I posting this this is so embarrassing omfg
gif pretty Grunge Sky Ferreira mystuff everything is embarrassing SHES SO BEAUTIFUL I CANT
Reblog this by January 4th at midnight and I'll put your url somewhere in LA
I doubt people are going to reblog this but okay I really want to do this So for every person I’ll write and tape their url somewhere around los angeles, take a picture, and tag you in it. *No matter how many notes this gets, if it even gets any   And if you follow me I’ll probably follow back...
like i honestly can’t even be disgusted or surprised because this is just so in character of d&d way to miss the fucking point of the entire fucking nature of the cersei/jaime relationship like not only did you miss the fact that robb stark’s story is fundamentally catelyn’s st...
photoset emma stone *other this took me so long to make it's embarrassing
shoondraws oops uploaded this on the wrong blog so embarrassing
mine Darren Criss blaine anderson this was so funny and embarrassing at the same time
gif exo exo k baekhyun open studio gif:bbh SLOW COMPUTER AND QUESTIONABLE INTERNET WON'T STOP ME FROM MAKING GIFS OF THIS ONE MOMENT he is so embarrassing i want to refund him
1k 5k 500 block B ukwon yukwon BlockB m:gif this kid is so embarrassing help look at him smiling afterwards as if what he did 5mins before was nothing
1k my gifs mine robert downey jr Chris Hemsworth rdjedit marvelcastedit chemsworthedit omg yall r so embarrassing... this is the first and last time i gif from caps omg too tiring