1k * gifs disney enchanted Giselle Disneyedit enchantededit THIS SCENE IS VISUALLY STUNNING TBH
gifs titanic rose dewitt bukater antostuff TitanicEdit scene: southampton is this movie visually stunning or what
no.6 Nezumi No. 6 Shion nezushi mine** 1k* graphics** the dancing scene is so visually gorgeous it gives me life tbh /nezushi gives me life tbh/
~ disney animation pocahontas f: disney Disneyedit pocahontasedit this film is so visually stunning F: Pocahontas
hyouka oreki houtarou Chitanda Eru Fukube Satoshi Ibara Mayaka graphics by yours truly I tried.jpg graphics:hyouka visually stunning anime it was a near impossible task to sort through my caps for this capspam
uploads sky landscape stars clouds scenery
Hero Jet li mine: gif Maggie Cheung flying snow wuxia mine: vsf gif: hero film: hero ugh this movie is so gorgeous and all the awards for maggie cheung's face
1k graphics universe science Cosmos Neil deGrasse Tyson eeek gr: gifs cosmos a spacetime odyssey this is awful i'm sorry g: cosmos it's missing the beautiful images from the solar system and the galaxy and the transitions and it's tiny because I tried to avoid the fox logo and the hashtag posting it because it took me awhile but don't like it that much can't wait till people gif the cosmic calendar anyways: this show is visually stunning and I love it
mine movies dakota fanning mine: gifs Coraline visually stunning movies sassy little lady this was fun to color
gravity falls dipper pines mabel pines this is my favorite episode toctoc dreamscaperers bill cipher it's visually stunning
1k pretty my gifs film beautiful movie asian 5k 2005 memoirs of a geisha eyegasm mygifs:rndmmv Ziyi Zhang Suzuka Ohgo I think this is my last set of this meme for a bit need to work on the Halloween horror stuff
1k my edits LOTR gandalf Sam Frodo fotr lotredit lotrgifs tolkienedit kindlywestnet dwarrowdamned i'm not feeling the greatest which is the perfect time to gif this iconic scene that so many before me have giffed it is a real stunning shot tho
gif education math geometry
mygif Regina Mills Henry Mills ouat spoilers ouatedit reginamillsedit
1k * doctor who Donna Noble ten Ten x Donna dwedit brotp: the doctordonna ugh this is awful coloring but this scene is so funny i had to i'm donna tbh also look at me!! giffing rtd era!!!! woooow!!!!!
1k mygifs all ouran high school host club ouran haruhi fujioka tamaki suoh ohshc tamaharu idk is that the ship name?? oF ALL THE ANIME THIS IS MY FAVE SCENE TBH
1k mystuff dracula nbc dracula alexander grayson johnathan rhys meyers draculaedit mine: dracula im sorry idk how to tag this lol this show is visually so pretty
1k * mine ragnar lothbrok ragnar history vikings athelstan vikingsedit athelnar athelstanedit ragnaredit athelnaredit i think ive giffed this scene like a million times and no signs of slowing down now this is probably one of my favorite moments in the whole show tbh ill never be over it
film mine Stanley Kubrick xx The Shining tbh jack nicholson idk what is this but the faces in this scene are my favourite