emmy spaces studyspo studyblr heysareena academlets ariestotle TO CLARIFY THIS IS THE PIC WHEN ITS NEAT PLS EVERYONE
when your working memory is absolute shit garbage useless so you’re always forgetting appointments and the names of people you’ve met recently (and for about three months after you’ve met them) and verbal instructions given to you five seconds agobut your long-term memory for things like obscure fac...
gif ** Marvel marveledit fitzwardz i am aware that i have not include everyone and bobbi is one of those people but pls don't comment about it!!!! i'm not trying to say this is everyone with an alias its just //my// top characters
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homestuck eridan ampora eridan kim's hawt yoweez i feel like everytime i make comics or w/e this is it feels so fast paced hnrnghgh its like eridan is just SPONTANEOUSLY BURST INTO TEARS also i found the neat texture for this pixely look too im tempted to just leave this as just the first panel
LOL sooyoung snsd own edit ggtoursg this is so cute of hers just to clarify in case ppl misunderstood the translator didnt wronly translate what sooyoung said what sooyoung said could be translated to saying bye its actually a more natural way to translate it but that's not what sooyoung means so giving final greeting would be the literal translation of it and i couldnt find nice fancam for last gif
my posts uploading again because i forgot to write a source and ppl remove the caption i don't want this pic to get lost :( pls reblog this version instead <333
This blog is Multi-verse and multi-ship NONE of the relationships my character have are connected unless stated otherwise. Even though it is labeled in the same verse, they are all AU
original content Pavel Chekov Just to clarify st:aos st:aos gifset st:aos interviews invented in russia conversations with tumblrfolks scotty did it the subtitles in this gifset are fake these are not anton yelchin's words
anime hq pls Haikyuu!! kagehina this is the most hilarious fic its really cute tooooo !!>>
:-) lofticries can u see?? idk if u have to flip it 180 or whatever but its there sorry this is all i can come up with today
taylor swift 5k 1989 blank space my friend showed me a similar pic so I decided to make a whole set of albums :~) except i dont know who the OP is so I can't give credit or shit but if any of u do hmu pls RIHBLOG THIS
my post Swan Queen oh well HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE MY PIC Emma Swan Regina Mills Henry Mills don't ask SO HERE YOU GO swan-mills family this is what happens when I look for photos at three in the morning when I should be studying needs a better caption but that's the best I could think of photo credit: lanaparrillafan I completely forgot I made this a little gay
My art Red vs Blue rvb agent washington Dick Simmons micheal j caboose how the fuck do i tag this mess apparently with one name from each pic lol
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gif Season 2 ilhoon sungjae episode 1 b2b BTOB there u go this is how they communicate wow the one time i dont tag where the video is from everyone wants to know sik's sense pls dont ask no moh
Reblog if you are a woman who, upon expressing your stance on never wanting kids, has been patronize...